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    Welcome to - Your #1 Source for Laptop Batteries, PLC Batteries, Military Batteries & More aims to be the best replacement battery store on the web. We offer the world's largest selection of quality replacement laptop batteries, laptop AC adapters, as well as programmable logic control (PLC) batteries, military batteries, iPod batteries - and dozens of other batteries - you will find anywhere.

    Not sure what battery part number you need for your device? Use our handy Battery Finder at left (learn how) where you select your device type, your manufacturer, then your model number, and select your battery - and it's as good as delivered. Buy your battery, and we'll FedEx ship it right away. If you are not sure what battery you need, please call and talk to our friendly staff... We'll help you find your right battery and you can even order by phone at 800.666.2296.


    Laptop Batteries

    Worlds largest selection of quality replacement laptop batteries, chargers, ac adapters and dc car adapters in stock and ready to ship same day!

    Military Batteries

    A great selection of quality replacement military batteries, with outstanding service from Battery King.

    Dell Latitude C400
    IBM ThinkPad 380, 385, 560, 600, 770
    IBM ThinkPad 240
    IBM TransNote Series

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    PLC Batteries

    Quality replacement batteries for programmable logic controls keep your factory automation and assembly line up and running!

    iPOD Batteries

    Keep the music playing. Replacement batteries for your favorites music player.

    Texas Instruments 2587678-8002
    Texas Instruments 2587678-8003
    Consumer and Industrial Applications
    Modicon 60-0286-000
    Allen Bradley 1770-XR Modicon MA-0147-000 MA-0147-001

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    Customer Service

    If you are unsure what battery your device needs, or if your battery is not found using the BatteryFinder tool above, please call us - our staff can assist in helping you figure out the exact battery you need. Please call toll-free 800.666.2296.


    Please call our knowledgeable staff with any questions you might have. Please call toll-free 800.666.2296 or fax toll-free 800.727.2297. You may also email us at for questions or support. is part of the Website Group: